Mission Statement: SDFB is a union of men of all ages, fetish inclinations, skill levels and body types that understand trust is earned and key to building a brotherhood between men that will endure. This brotherhood will explore our deepest cravings and relearn the origins of our fetish community, to live it, and not just talk about it.


The San Diego Fetish Brotherhood (SDFB) is a collective of men and those that identify as male, to celebrate and express our sexual and erotic fetishes, regardless of sexual orientation.

The men of SDFB are part of the greater fetish community that comprises men, women, and trans people of all sexual orientations.  Recognizing a need for something different, we decided to create a new male-centric fetish affinity group.

However, our website will have information posted on it, that will be freely available to all persons regardless of their gender, gender identity or sexual orientation.  Please feel free to explore our website and ask us questions.

Please visit our "About" page and discover a little more about the group, what we do, and learn about the Plank Owners of SDFB.  Once again, welcome to the San Diego Fetish Brotherhood.

Latest and Greatest:

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Today we had a great pansexual social at Pleasures & Treasures (always honored by their support for the community), and Q&A about what to expect when one wishes to run for a title within the leather community and beyond.


Established: October 25, 2013

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